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Make Your Apartment a Home

Moving into a new apartment home is an exciting time. Whether you are a seasoned apartment home dweller or adventuring into the world of renting for the first time, it’s a fresh start and an opportunity to put your inner interior design skills to use. For some, narrowing down your favorite apartment home inspiration is the hard part. From the color palette of your bedroom to the type of couch you choose, the options are endless. But, no matter your personal style, Ladora Apartments offers the ideal, neutral space for your Pinterest-board-worthy apartment home dreams. With cream-colored walls, grey baseboards, and black finishes, any style you choose will look great. 


Our team is dedicated to ensuring your apartment home at Ladora feels like home. To help you, we have asked some of our seasoned apartment dwellers for style tips and tricks to make their apartment a home. 


1. Choose Your Favorite Neutrals 

Many of our residents love neutrals like camel, black, and grey. Keeping most furniture, rugs, and staple decorative pieces neutral allows residents to incorporate holiday decor easily and switch accent colors often. 


2. Add an Area Rug

Adding an area rug to your space is the secret to tying everything together. Not only that, but it helps absorb sound. An area rug will eliminate noise echoing and help soften your footsteps. Who doesn’t love something both functional and stylish?


3. Enjoy More Floor Space

We always try to get the most out of our space without feeling too cluttered. A trick we learned to allow for more floor space is to mount your TV to the wall and add a floating shelf in place of a TV stand. This will give you the maximum amount of floor space and still provide a home for your cable box or gaming system. Of course, each apartment community has its restrictions for modifying the apartment home, so review your lease agreement and contact your leasing office before putting this apartment hack to use. Ladora Apartments allows you to mount your TV or decorations to the wall securely but requires you to return the apartment home to move-in condition at move out. 


4. Natural Light? Yes Please. 

Make the most of the natural sunlight you have in each room in your new home. A fun and decorative way to enhance the amount of natural light in your apartment home is by adding mirrors in locations that directly reflect the sunlight from your window. The larger the mirror, the brighter your apartment home will become. 


5. Add an Accent Wall 

Accent walls are an easy way to add a personal touch to your new apartment home. Adding an accent wall creates a focal point to any space. This is also an excellent opportunity to incorporate your favorite accent color into any room in your apartment. Each apartment community has its restrictions when it comes to modifying the apartment home, so review your lease agreement and contact your leasing office before putting this apartment hack to use. Ladora Apartments allows you to make your apartment your own by painting. However, you must return the apartment to move-in condition at move out.

We hope these five tips help you make your apartment a home. Here at Ladora, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping in any way we can to ensure you love your new apartment home in our community. As always, if there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to get in touch with the leasing center, and we are happy to help. Welcome home. 
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